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Russian teacher *** Online lessons

General Russian / Business Russian / Pronunciation / TORFL / Russian literature and cinema

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Юлия Рожкова
29 May
🙋 I'm Julia, a native Russian speaker, a certified Russian teacher, and 🐎 a horse rider! I've been traveling around the world and teaching online full-time for the last several years.

🎁 All levels are welcome 🎁

If you're looking for a tailored Russian course, you've just found the right teacher!
Just text me what you would like help with.

We could work on speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, accent reduction, and so on.

Some of my Courses (Please, ask for the Prices):
🏠 General Russian for all levels
🎧 Phonetic course for beginners
🌍 Business Russian
👄Pronunciation & Accent Reduction
🎁 Russian literature and cinema
🙋 TORFL & any exam preparation
🏃 Russian Verbs of Motion from "А" to "Я"

Also, I offer 90-min lessons, please ask about details if you’re interested.

For my professional lessons, you do not need any books because I'll give you materials according to your needs, it could be grammar materials, texts, dialogues, news, songs, movies, cartoons, talk shows, MOOCs, texts of classic or modern Russian literature, poems and many other things. I'll help you get a result because I provide tailored courses and do my best to adapt my lessons to your needs, level and learning style.

I specialize in pronunciation and mistake detection to move you up from a plateau you may reach.

👉 Russian is not a phonetic language, it means that we spell and read words in different ways (we have rules of pronunciation), so that may be a reason you don't understand lively speech. Also, pronunciation affects your listening comprehension and related to some grammar points (as conjugation of verbs or declension by cases).

I recommend you to invest a bit of your time to build a strong foundation for developing your Russian skills and avoid lots of mistakes in the future. It's definitely worth it!
Phonetics is extremely important and necessary for listening comprehension and speaking skills:
✅ бить (beat) - быть (to be) - completely different words.
✅ мат (mat) - мать (mother) - мять (crumple)
✅ идёт (he/she goes) - идиот (idiot)

Also, I will provide you with recordings of correct pronunciation and other materials you may need.


👉 My lessons are tailored to your needs. It means, at first, I`m looking for your knowledge gaps and then we think together how to fill them in the most effective way. We're not going to talk about obvious things, we will cover only material you really need to improve your language skills.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your first lesson, just text me, I`m here to help. Let's create an individual learning program for you!//

🕑 Please, take a look at my schedule and make sure it fits your days before booking.
My time zone is *GMT-3*.

👉 I teach on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 13.00 to 23.00 (GMT-3)
If you're a consistent learner, I can consider other time options.
Please, note! I may be fully booked for upcoming days, so ask me first about available time.

☝ Note, by ordering a lesson with me you are agreeing with MY POLICIES ☝

Policies and Refunds

***Non-attendance Policy: If you are not in attendance within 20 minutes after a session begins, the lesson will be completed and I will collect full payment for this lesson. The lesson will end on time, even if you show up late. No refunds for no-shows except emergencies.
***Lesson cancellation & reschedule policy: 48-hour notice is needed for a lesson to be canceled or rescheduled. If less than 48-hour notice is given, it will still be necessary for you to pay for the lesson.
I schedule my days; based on my prearranged lessons. Since you, as my student, choose the time for your lesson, please be considerate of my time.
***Note, please! I will end 2-3 minutes early to prepare if I have another lesson.

Talk to you soon! До скорого!


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